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“I wrote a book. It sucked. I wrote nine more books. They sucked, too. Meanwhile, I read every single thing I could find on publishing and writing, went to conferences, joined professional organizations, hooked up with fellow writers in critique groups, and didn’t give up. Then I wrote one more book.”
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Let’s do it!

You weren’t kidding when you said you were gonna do it right now lol


Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have this view out my back door. It’s perfect for soaking up the sun and a good book.  Today I’m reading The Door by Magada Szabó, a compelling story of a young writer’s relationship with her elderly, eccentric housekeeper and a great introduction to Hungarian literature.

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Well looks like twentysomethingvagabond will be rereading 50 shades together.

Because I absolutely need to after watching the trailer over and over again this morning.

::gasp:: I want to join!! iprefertoread you in?


I love collecting Book Depository’s bookmarks. They’re so beautiful!

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I should really, REALLY stop reading books right before bedtime. It always starts with “just a chapter or two” and always ends with with “three hours later and I’m still reading”

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These pictures were never meant to happen. They are accidents and mistakes, and yet I quite like them anyway. There’s something about the soft forest light that simply appeals to me.

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