robertdowneysjnr asked: Do you have any recommendations for books about teen pregnancies? I've only ever managed to find one , called Trouble, and I can't find any others. :))

I’ve found a few lists on Goodreads that you and others may want to check out!! robertdowneysjnr

The Second Chance Giveaway!


It’s time for another giveaway! But there’s a catch - this giveaway is a little different.

The five books I’ll be giving away to five different people are books I either didn’t enjoy or absolutely despised. However, I - and my followers, I’m sure - want the chance to see someone else’s perspective on them. So the catch is that each person who receives a book will be required to write a review stating whether or not they liked the book and why. I’ll have the recipients write their reviews on their own blogs and I’ll plug them here on thebooktarian after for everyone to read!


  1. This giveaway is worldwide, but you must be following me, as this is a giveaway for my wonderful followers! 
  2. The books I’ll be shipping out have the covers shown above.
  3. You can enter the contest by liking or reblogging this post. As I said above, you must be following me, and I will be checking.
  4. I’ll be picking the winner using a random URL generator.
  5. The deadline is September 20th 2014

Without further ado, here are the books:

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Anonymous asked: I read your Selection review and I kin of agree about the minimal character development, but later on in the series Maxon is more a full character and not a stereotype. Even at the end of the series I feel like Anerica hasn't really grown. But I still love the books and there's lotsa drama and twists with the other contestants later on.

I’m currently on the last book (more than half way through) and I read all three of them straight through. (Like I would finish one and pick up the next one two seconds later) Since I’ve read them all back to back I really don’t see that much character growth in any of the characters. Maybe Aspen is the only one that seems to have grown and changed into his own person but you can tell he’s afraid to let go. As for Maxon I’m not sure if he’s changed or we’ve just seen more of him than we did in the first book. For the most part I’ve been able to predict most of the twists. Though I’m frustrated with these books I’m liking them.

Anonymous asked: Oh my goodness you reblogged one of my posts! Thank you! <3

Anonymous asked: my book page on my blog is getting longer and longer i think i'm in too deep with books sigh

You can never been too deep when it comes to books!! But I agree, my list is getting longer and longer, and it’s kind of daunting because I know I’ll never have that much time or money to read them all!


Books & Cupcakes Awesome August Photo Challenge

Day 11.: Reading Outside




i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

"I’M BLEEDING….. that’s okay i can still do it"


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Since the next few days/weeks are going to be really crazy and hectic for me I’ve decided that I will be turning off all messages. Just for a little bit. I’m sorry if this is… I don’t know, rude or drastic but I need a few days to focus on work and what not. So starting on Monday you won’t be able to message me. Any questions you have feel free to ask now and I’ll try to answer them by Monday. For those who I speak to frequently you know how to reach me! I hope you can understand. xoxo Jessica

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books-cupcakes August Book Photo Challenge

Day 11: Reading outside.