What is the Photo Challenge and how do I do it?

  • Each month, I provide a challenge for creative inspiration and book recommendations. You take photographs based on your interpretation of the challenge given, and post them to  your tumblr or instagram using the appropriate tags. Basically, you take your photo on the day as it corresponds on the list. Example: If day one says bookshelf, take a picture of your bookshelf and post it. 

What did you mean by this? 

  • I try to make the prompts a little vague to give you guys creative licenses. I’m giving you the freedom to interpret the prompts any way you want to. For example friendship. You can interpret that a thousand ways. Did a friend give you that book? Did you make a new friend because you and a stranger bonded over a book? What is your favorite friendship out of all the books you read? Some of the prompts are straight forward but some you can really work with if you are creative about it! The challenge isn’t homework, you aren’t getting a grade, don’t worry about it so much!! Basically, do whatever you want, there is no wrong answer. :D

Where can I find “month” challenge?

Are you going to make a “month” challenge?

  • Most of the time the answer to this question is yes, unless I state other wise. I usually give notice to when I’ll be posting next months challenge.

When are you going to post next months challenge?

  • I normally post them a day or two before the 1st.

Do you post a new book photo challenge every month or re-use the ones from previous years?

  • Half are new half are old. Some I’ve made changes to. It doesn’t really matter though because you grow and change and develop new interests and likes from one year to the next. So in a way the challenge will always be new from year to year because you’ve changed, not the challenge. 

How can I enlarge the picture of the challenge, it’s kind of small?

  • Sorry about that!! It’s hard to post such a large photo on tumblr and have it be clear. If you right click the photo and click “view image” or “open in new tab” you will be able to zoom in on the photo and read the challenges!

Is it too late to start the challenge? 

  • It’s never too late to start the challenge! Just be conscience of spamming your followers dashboard if you’re going to start the challenge on like day 27. haha.

What are the tags for the challenge and can I post my picture on twitter/facebook/instagram/etc?

  • The tags for the challenge are Book Photo Challenge and Books and Cupcakes. You may post your pictures where ever you like but I will only be able to see them on Tumblr and sometimes Instagram. Instagram tags would be #booksandcupcakes #bookphotochallenge

Do you look at the pictures we post?

  • Of course!! I love to see what you guys are reading! I love to look at your photography, some of you are amazing photographers. A lot of the times I reblog the pictures too!

Is it okay if I use someone else’s photo(s) even if I cite it? 

  • Please refrain from doing this. I mean it’s okay to do it for one or two days as long as you give credit to the photographer, but please don’t do that for the entire challenge. It defeats the purpose of it being your photo challenge. 

Note: It’s been brought to my attention that people have been posting pictures in the book photo challenge that are not their own. Under NO circumstance is it okay for you to take the work of others and claim it as your own. Please do not steal someones else photo and use it for your own. If you do you MUST give credit, I don’t care if it came from Google, you better give acknowledgement to the original publisher. Using other peoples work defeats the purpose of this challenge and I find it very upsetting that people have been doing this. If you can’t post pictures of your own, or if you can’t give credit where it is due, then do not do the challenge.  If this continues to be a problem I will no longer post the challenges. 


What’s a freebie?

  • A freebie means you get to take a picture of whatever you want as long as it’s book related!

What is a fluffy read?

  • It means a light read, not very deep or dark. It can sometimes be referred to as “chick lit”.

What is TBR?

  • It stands for To Be Read.

What is Second Book Syndrome?

  • Second book syndrome is when the second book in a series is not as good as the first book. It falls flat compared to the first book. 

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